october     19  2017   vienna (A) viper room (+ jucifer)












gixi v.       much v.


the roots of patiocrash are back in the early 90ies, when much and gixi formed a band named “shüwa”. inspired by the sound of seattle bands like mudhoney, screeming trees or TAD, shüwa very soon became a well known local band with some furious live shows.

nevertheless the band split up in 1997. nearly two years later in a mouldy basement in vienna patiocrash was born. the band has been completed by bassman sushi (s.gorbach now big bon jou)in march 99.

after three month of intense rehearsals patiocrash gave their first concert in graz (may 20th 99)

at the very beginning there where some strange gigs. like the one at "steins diner" or the show during an exhibition opening at the karlsplatzgalery (vienna), that has been stopped by the police.

during 1999 and 2000 the band toured through austria including an

open air in slowenia.

the release of "sick building syndrom" in 2000 has been the trigger of changes within the band. in march 2001 sushi left patiocrash.

HP (lobster) and harry (mastic scum) did the bassline for the outstanding concerts in 2001. (thanx!!)

patiocrash appears as a duo since spring 2003, which causes a totaly new sound.















































all songs written and performed by patiocrash ©2005






















2017 vienna (A) viper room (+ jucifer)

2016 vienna(A) nachtasyl 

2015 vienna (A) kramladen (+Im a sloth, phobos, the heroine whores)
     knittelfeld (A) pub lunatic(+tante gerti)
     vienna (A) viper room (+VA)
     kobenz (A) "huamrock" (+CCRichter, dr. suedbahn, shockwavepalace)

2014 vienna (A) viper room (+BL`AST, public domain)
     vienna (A) arena beisl

2013 vienna (A) viper room (+pissmark, folterkammer)

2012 graz (A) SUB (+ i´m a sloth)
     vienna (A) weberknecht (+hidden by the grapes, i´m a sloth,...)
     vienna (A) arena (+the argies, anstalt, 21 stories)
     vienna (A) viper room (+pissmark, bodai)

2011 graz (A) SUB (+the sloth, very special guest...)
     vienna (A) venster (+hidden by the grapes, the sloth)
     vienna (A) Tatort Hernals

2010 vienna (A) derwisch  (+ I´m a sloth, rocksonic)

2009 scheifling (A) biker bar
     vienna (A) EKH
     vienna (A) TÜWI
     vienna (A) viper room (+fate decided otherwise)
     judenburg (A) gewölbekeller (+hidden by the grapes, valina)
     vienna (A) shelter
     vienna (A) shelter (+VA)

2008 vienna (A) scene wien "daneben 4" (+vortex rex,tumido)
     oberwart (A) OHO (+ok king)
     tulln/nitzing (A) cultureXclub
     vienna (A) fluc  "club kleine fische"
     vienna (A) arena (+the pooh)
     vienna (A) weberknecht
     vienna (A) B72 (+decay)
     kaprun (A) "ride and roll"
     czeske budjovice (CZ) "martys club" (+hUSA, drain)
     vienna (A) viper room "1st anniversary powwow" (+die weberknechte)
     murau (A) frauenalpe
     viennna (A) einbaumöbel (+hidden by the grapes)
     vienna (A) arena "bierwoche"
     döbriach/millstättersee (A) "sauzipf rocks"
     gaal/knittelfeld (A) (+RCC)
     obertrum (A) obertrumer bierkeller (+blackstereodoll...)
     judenburg (A) gewölbekeller (+hidden by the grapes,...)
     vienna (A) escape (+brewtality, blowback(S))
     vienna (A) bach

2007 vienna (A) kuenstlerhaus passage (+DIV, black flash)
     st.poelten (A) freiraum (+shiva, killing manjaro, the vladivostoks)
     kaprun (A) burg kaprun (+7yearsbadluck, rycojets, rubberfresh)
     vienna (A) unplugged (+sundust, desert sun)
     innsbruck (A) PMK (+so, jhana sambodhi)
     vienna (A) soho in ottakring yppenplatz (+morix optimo NY)     
     vienna (A) siebenstern (+ok king)
     vienna (A) camera (+vision noir)
     budejovice (CZ) club velbloud (+vision noir, the pooh)
     vienna (A) replugged (+vision noir)
     niedernsill (A) "skate´n´roll"        
     klagenfurt (A) kwadrad (+sundust)
     vienna (A) chelsea (+killing manjaro)
     velesin (CZ) pub jakub (+the pooh)
     budejovice (CZ) club velbloud (+the pooh, hUSA)
     vienna (A) melon cafe (+ajde yallah)
     judenburg (A) gewölbekeller (+ hidden by the grapes,john doe)
     vienna (A) viper room (+the pooh,the pins,ajde yallah)
     eisenstadt (A) secret garden (+the pooh)

2006 vienna (A) club camera (+svegliati)
     zell am see (A) karambar (+dishonesty, reckless)
     vienna (A) club camera (+drill reality)
     vienna (A) arena
     ternitz (A) artisco (+so)
     vienna (A) arena "bierwoche" (+evil trash can twins)
     vienna (A) fluc
     vienna (A) kunsthalle wien (+knapp)
     vienna (A) arena (+sundust,jhana sambodhi,so)
     vienna (A) movimento (+200 bullets, shiva, the vladivostocks, killing manjaro)

2005 graz (A) explosive "10 years fixe" (+lobster, fimbingers erben)
     vienna (A) luftbad
     vienna (A) b72 (+kps)
     vienna (A) arena bierwoche (+kps,bodai...)
     uttendorf (A) (+mastic scum)
     vienna (A) arena (+evil trash can twins, boettlehaed, vacunt)

2004 zell am see (A) "skate`n`roll" (+ the cretins, dealer, 7 years bad luck)
     leoben (A) "open air" (+lobster ...)

2003 vienna (A) couchuc (+big bon jou)
     zell am see (A) karambar (+big bon jou)
     wels (A) schlachthof

2002 vienna (A) deutschmeistersaal (+big bon jou)

2001 linz (A) kapu (+sweep the leg jonny)
     vienna (A) tüwi
     graz (A) explosive (+feinkost hofer ...)
     vienna (A) arena "bierwoche"
     vienna (A) tüwi
     leoben (A) spectrum

2000 weiz (A) volxküche (+mastic scum)
     lustenau (A) culture factory (+BOS)
     hohenems (A) konkret (+BOS)
     innsbruck (A) utopia (+BOS)
     vienna (A) arena (+parasites)
     vienna (A) quellenstrasse 49
     wr. neustadt (A) triebwerk (+side effect)
     grabneralm (A) (+BOS, love junkies,...)
     krems (A) jazzkeller (+mastic scum, cautery)
     vienna (A) quellenstrasse 49

1999 graz (A) uni "let it grow" (+reflector)
     vienna (A) stein diner (+3 km nach lignano)
     knittelfeld (A) parkhaus (+ scentless work, stahlhelm surfers)
     vienna (A) karlsplatzgalerie
     maribor (SLO) "open air" (+CZD,...)
     dornbirn (A) vismut
     bregenz (A) fiasco
     vienna (A) kumo
     vienna (A) quellenstrasse 49 (+lick lack low, last waltz)













































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